A large number of startups, professionals, small business owners have low revenues, and limited resources so they cannot afford to hire a full fledged office, since the rentals will be very high. They also do not have the staff for office maintenance, like cleaning, tech support, secretarial help. Many of these professionals are working from home. However, in some cases, especially online businesses, working from home can lead to problems, like harassment and fraud since most people still do not believe that any legitimate business can be run from home. Also, internet access can be a problem in some areas.


Hence many small entrepreneurs and professionals are interested in finding quality rental office space at the lowest possible cost, preferably with IT support and a secure internet connection. To cater to the requirement of these professionals and small businesses, Justco, the Singapore based Coworking space company is now offering hotdesk space in multiple locations worldwide. Now professionals and businesses can avail of Justco hotdesking in Australia, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. In Australia, the hotdesking facility is available at premium locations in Sydney and Melbourne.


Justco has a hot desking area specially designed for business owners who require only a desk and chair for doing their business work. They provide large desks where the user can keep their laptop and other items required for working comfortably. There are a number of desks with chairs in the hot desk area, and the user can work at any desk which is free at the time. For the comfort of the user, all the desks are ergonomically designed and spacious so that the user can work for long hours without experiencing any kind of pain or problems. There are sockets provided for each desk for plugging in laptops of the members.



For some businesses, the owner is usually at the client place or working from home, he or she mainly requires a mailing address at a prime location for mail handling which will create a positive impression on the clients and prospective customers. For this justco is offering a basic hot desk facility at a very affordable rate of Australian $100 per month. Justco members having this basic membership can use the hot desk space only once a month, during business hours from 8.30 am to 6 pm at any Justco location in Australia. However, they can use the justco business address as their mailing address and other facilities like free WiFi


In other cases, business owners may be interested in working in a well maintained office with tech support, and also network with others since this may help the business grow. For this the business owner can opt for the Justco Unlimited membership option, which allows the member unlimited access to the hot desk area in Melbourne and Sydney all 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week. Access to the hot desk area is regulated using a swipe card, which is provided to the members. The Unlimited membership of Justco hotdesking is priced at $350 monthly at Melbourne and $500 per month at Sydney.


Both basic and unlimited members can avail of other facilities like booking meeting rooms, event space, premium business address with complete mail handling. Many businesses do not have staff for receiving postal and courier mail, which can lead to loss of important correspondence. Hence the mail handling facility is very useful for business owners who are travelling or at their client place. The members can use the free secure WiFi service, get IT support they require and use the printing services. Other business services like photocopying, receiving and sending faxes are also provided


All Justco members receive an invoice monthly with details of the amount which they have to pay including membership fees and other facilities that they may have used like the meeting rooms. The justco workspace also has a pantry and members can have free coffee, tea, and water. Justco also regularly arranges networking events for its members where they can interact with each other, to find new collaboration and business opportunities. They also organize other events focusing on business, tech, retail, and lifestyle, which will help the members professionally and in their personal life. Members can also avail of exclusive deals.

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