Their service is magnificent when we had our caravan repaired there. We also bought it there and we just had some minor issues done. I have to say that they certainly know their caravans and they would not mind working the extra mile when it comes to giving your van the love that it deserves. Their customer service is what sets them apart from their competitors. There is no doubt we will go here to buy a caravan if ever we need another one in the future. In fact, all their items look pretty good and it is no surprise how they have gotten a lot of positive reviews when I looked up their company online. They know everything there is to know in their field so you know you are getting something worthwhile when you go to them and have your caravan serviced. All the nova caravans for sale are displayed in such a nice manner. You know right away they clean them all the time. In fact, they prioritize cleanliness so that nobody in their place gets sick. Everything from the wheels down to the steering wheel gets cleaned no matter how big the caravan is.


The repair people were even able to point out some minor issues that we were not able to spot. That goes to show that they really care about you especially when you would want nothing more but what is safe for you and whoever it is that is riding with you in your caravan. Of course, they would point out what they would do to the caravan so you will be aware. They explained it in such a manner that I did not have a hard time understanding their explanation even if I am not that familiar with what goes down inside a caravan. I know for sure that a lot needs to be fixed in there so I got my caravan knowing that I wanted some minors issues solved. I got out of the place knowing that I got a lot more than what I bargained for. That is truly a sign of good service and I would know that since I encountered a lot of similar places and they did the best service onto my caravan. It would feel great to know that you would feel safe with your caravan no matter where you decide to go in the coming days.

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