Be it formal dinner parties, at-home celebrations or restaurant buffet services, delicious and warm food plays a key role. Especially if it is winters, cold or unevenly heated food is not enjoyable. In rescue to need of re-heating cold food repeatedly, easy to use and sophisticated kitchen equipment tools like Bain Maries come handy in keeping food warm and fresh.


Hot & cold bain maries. Bain Maries is a popular kitchen equipment that provides consistent and gentle heat to food. It can be used for different purposes like melting, cooking and warming pre-cooked materials for a long period of time. It is also known as a water bath or double boiler in cooking industry. In addition to heating food at a determined temperature, Bain Maries also helps in presenting the dishes perfectly.


These are available in varied sizes, shapes and materials like wood, metal, glass or a combination of these to provide optimal functionality and an attractive display. Modern day Bain Maries are commonly made of Stainless Steel, as it is easy to maintain, clean and is also a good conductor of heat.


Different Uses of Bain Maries:


Bain Maries have come a long way from being used for only commercial purposes traditionally to now readily found in households as well. The major reason behind popularity of this kitchen equipment is the fact that heating food multiple times in a normal pan can make it dry and flavourless. Whereas, warming food in Bain Maries does not affect its quality, texture and moistness. It also allows you to maintain/moderate required temperature as per nature of the dish. Temperature control is important because some delicate items need lower heat than others, such as sauces, chocolates, these materials are well kept in low heat levels.


There are mainly two types of Bain Maries


Wet Heat Bain Maries


A Wet Heat Bain Maries functions using wet heat created by warming the water chamber placed beneath. The water is heated up to a controlled temperature, allowing the food to warm up evenly without losing its dampness.


This type of Bain Maries is optimal to serve steamed vegetables and wet items like curries etc. Despite of the fact that a Wet Heat Bain Maries takes longer to heat, many buyers prefer this type of Bain Maries due to its ability to keep food moist and well heated for a long time.


Dry Heat Bain Maries


As the name suggests, this Bain Maries works using a dry heat contact. It directly heats the food containers, making it easy to use and reduces the fear of spilling water when food needs to be transported from one place to another (mobile catering). It is built using a heating element and works faster than a Wet Heat Bain Maries.


Dry Heat Baine Maries is ideal for food items that are required to be kept crispy like different types of fried dishes, chips and so on.


Other than this, there are also Cold Bain Maries, used to keep food frozen or cold. It is preferred to display ice-creams, fruits and salads in restaurants, shops etc. Based on the usage and individual attributes of these Bain Maries alternatives, you can choose the one that suits your requirement.

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