There are many important factors to consider when it comes to forklift safety training. A person should take the time to learn how to use a forklift safely, but they should also train their employees on proper driving techniques for this vehicle so that everyone stays safe while operating the machine.


Employers, managers and supervisors need to keep their workers safe by ensuring that people demonstrate that they know exactly what must be done regarding forklift safety before allowing them to drive one of these vehicles around the workplace. Safety should always come first when operating heavy machinery like lift trucks.


Here are the easy guides online forklift safety training.



1. General forklift safety training

Ensure that the driver and all other individuals affected by forklift operations are made aware of specific safety precautions. When operating a forklift, you must always assume that people may be present in your immediate area. Never allow passengers in the forks or basket, even when the vehicle is stopped.


2. Operating Forklifts Safely around Others

You should ensure that any individual within your immediate work area is aware of your intended actions. This applies to whether the forklift is being operated along a fixed route (on tracks) or across open floors to fulfil assigned tasks. This should include people on foot and others who might be operating equipment nearby or riding bicycles or motorcycles near moving machinery.

3. Operating forklifts Safely at Your Workstation

Keep the aisle free of clutter to allow safe passage throughout your work area. Ensure that the path ahead is not obstructed in any way. This means checking behind you before moving forward to ensure that there are no obstructions in the direction of travel.


4. Maintaining Forklift Safety Training records

Maintain a training record for each individual who has been trained in safe forklift operation and includes it in their personnel file so they can provide proof of training when needed. If an accident occurs, this record will help establish why it happened. It will also show that steps were taken to prevent accidents at the worksite by ensuring all individuals working with or around vehicles receive proper training.


5. Where to find forklift safety information online

This article provides additional resources on how to stay safe when operating a forklift or any other type of powered industrial truck. The employer is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining safe practices for actual job tasks and conditions unique to the specific worksite.


In conclusion, forklifts are a great help in many situations but, when mishandled, can cause serious damage. When purchasing a lift truck, it is important that you carefully consider your options and choose a unit suitable for the work environment.


Forklift training is recommended for people who operate a forklift in their workplace. Forklift training should be offered by an accredited trainer who has been certified by SafeWork NSW [the agency of New South Wales with responsibility for workplace safety]. Ensure that both managers and workers complete basic awareness training before operating any powered industrial lift truck.

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