If you’ve been searching for the perfect baby play mat, your search is over! These thick foam baby play mat at Grace & Maggie are the ideal budget play mat for your little one. These play mats are wide enough to provide cushioning yet soft enough for your baby to snuggle up to! They have various selections when it comes to playing mats. You can choose from large playmats to vegan playmats. 


Small Playmats 

The Small Playmat from Grace & Maggie is the perfect way to give your little one a head start in tummy time. Ideal for newborns to 2 months, the mat features a soft, padded surface that cushions your baby as they support their head and neck. The mat’s non-slip material keeps your baby in place, and the textured surface features alphabet and number tiles to help your baby learn and recognize letters. 

Large Playmats

Grace & Maggie playmats come in several sizes, from small to oversized. Their playmates are not only beautiful, but they’re durable enough for hours of everyday play. These playmats are great for the playroom, den, bedroom, and kitchen. They are made of 100% natural jute, a sustainable material.


Round Playmats

At Grace & Maggie, they stock a variety of round playmats, including round playmats for babies, toddlers, and preschool-age children. Round playmats are friendly for kids who don’t like to walk in a straight line, as they offer a less structured environment to explore. Are you looking for a new round playmat for your little ones? Look no further than Grace & Maggie’s. They have many different styles you can choose from. Find the perfect one for your little one today!


Vegan Leather Playmats

Grace & Maggie can hook you up with vegan leather playmats that look amazing, are durable, and function well. The vegan leather is durable and reusable, and the colorful prints make them fun for your child to play on. They even help your kids learn while you spend quality time with them. 

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