Hamilton’s home to some of the most stunning holiday spots in Australia – nay, on the planet. Summers are unbelievable, and you’re practically guaranteed a whale sighting near the reefs. There’s a lot to see, do and love. So how do you decide where to stay on best accommodation on Hamilton Island? The easiest way will be to decide what you want to see, then pick the nearest spots. But that’ll be doing yourself a disservice – limiting your choices. We’ve narrowed down your choices to accommodations that provide the best experience. Check them out.


#1. Palm Bungalows


For highly independent vacationers. Each apartment is fully equipped with kitchen facilities. You get a private balcony, but a shared tropical garden. Apartments accommodate kids as well, and you’re allowed to eat at a few select locations without paying. Palm Bungalows are in Resort Dr, so you’ll also have access to resort facilities like fitness and spa centers. Added bonus, it’s just a few minute’s walks from the beach.


#2. Reef View Hotel


You just know that a hotel called “reef view” would be one of the best spots to stay on Hamilton island. You have a lot of latitude to choose what kind of room you want – single, double or even the famed presidential suite that sleeps up to 6 guests. Due to its prime location, almost all the rooms have sea views, though rooms with garden views are cheaper. In terms of nearby attractions, Reef view hotel is fairly central. It’s close to Catseye beach, but not too far from all the best holiday spots.


#3. Qualia


This list won’t be complete without mentioning one of Hamilton’s most exclusive, and luxurious accommodations. It’s tucked away at the northernmost tip of the island and is so exclusive you have to be a paying guest to be granted access. It guarantees max privacy and comes with multiple accommodation styles.

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